Astral Chain – File 5: Out From the Smoke Walkthrough

Out From the Smoke

When you gain control of your character, head into the green circle on the map. Turning on IRIS really helps here.

Head forward and you’ll come to a huge chunk of the ground that’s missing. Drop down to find the subway trains and your first civilian.

The trapped civilian will be on the left side in a subway train. Her name is Shaken Woman. Run over to her and use your Arm to open the train door.

When you enter, go left and you’ll be stopped by a set of lasers. All you have to do is shoot the laser generator next to the woman with an Arrow to get it to go away.

After you’ve destroyed the lasers, you’ll need to run over to the civilian to rescue her. Escort her back to the start of the subway area.

Enemies will spawn during this but if you use your Legion, you won’t need to stop and fight. Make good use of the wrapping technique here.

The next civilian you need to save is found just down the stairs next to where you delivered the first civilian. Just turn around and you’ll see the stairs with red lights illuminating it.

When you get downstairs, turn right and follow the path. You’ll come to the Injured Man.

After you escort him back, you’ll get a call telling you that more civilians need to be saved. A new marker will appear on your map with a green circle, so follow it.

The final civilian you’ll need is the Dazed Man, who can be found in the green circle on one of the train platforms. However, getting close to him will trigger a boss.

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