Astral Chain – File 4: No Sense of Direction Walkthrough

No Sense of Direction

Agree to help him and you’ll be tasked with escorting him to Larger Burger.

To find the Larger Burger restaurant, turn around from where you are (opposite of the room with the Psychic) and run past the area where you fought the civilians earlier.

You’ll pass it on your right and come to a set of stairs pictured below.

Head down these steps and you’ll come to the burger place on the left. Escort the civilian to the building to gain your last bit of investigation intel.

After you’ve completed the investigation, a new objective will appear: Back Neuron up.

It will be marked on your map with a yellow waypoint, so follow it.

After you reach your destination, you’ll find Jena down by the square. Pursue her.

When you get to her, she’ll disappear through a gate. You don’t have anything else to do but to follow her in.

After you cross over to the other side, you’ll have a new marker on the map. Although, when you’re in the Astral Plane, you can’t see much of your map. Still, follow the marker and you’ll get to a glowing orb in the air.

Shoot it with your Arrow Legion. You can switch to it by pressing Y and selecting the Arrow Legion. Aim with L and shoot with ZR.

This will lower the wall on your left and it will spawn a chimera. Take it out.

The next part is much like the last. Shoot the glowing orbs with your Arrow. You’ll have three to destroy this time.

Use the picture above as reference. They’re all close together, so you can’t really miss them.

Destroying them will lower a platform. Take it up to the next area where you’ll find a floating object that you can analyze with your Legion. Press LZ and A to do so.

While your Legion is analyzing the object, you’ll have to protect it, so be on your toes when the chimera spawn. There aren’t many to deal with, so take them out with your giant sword and be aware of the percentage as it climbs.

After you finish interacting with the object, the structure behind it will lower, so follow it down.

When you land, keep following the waypoint and make sure you don’t fall of the edge of the platform you’re on.

Zip across the gap and you’ll come to another area with a small enemy. A few smacks with your sword should do the trick.

Go down the steps while following the waypoint and you’ll see an area with three more orbs that need to be shot.

Two of them are on the right side of this area and are close to one another, while the other one is off in the distance behind a wall that needs to be slashed.

Shoot the two that are close to each other with your Arrow and then turn left to face the wall.

Slash it and then shoot the orb just behind it to reveal another moving platform behind you.

This platform will move up, so go under it and down the stairs.

Keep following the path and you’ll come to a series of levitating structures. They’ll move up and down. Look for the orb underneath the middle structure. You’ll need to shoot it with your Arrow to open up the door to your right.

Move ahead and you’ll see Jena run back through another gate. Keep going towards the gate to the next area.

After she disappears, a new series of enemies will make their way towards you.

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