Astral Chain – File 6: Asking Around Walkthrough

Asking Around

When you arrive, you’ll need to ask around to gather clues. The people you need to talk to can be found in the green circle on your map.

Start by talking to the front Front Gate Keeper.

Then, pay a visit to the Camp Lookout. This will initiate a case called The Injured Lookout. You’ll need to give him medicine to advance. He’ll tell you about a back way into the city since you can’t use the front door.

The back way can be accessed from the right side via the rooftops. Use your Legion to zip across.

Head in the direction of the man on the rooftops and around to the right. The waypoint will guide you there.

Drop down on the right side to access the secret entrance.

From here, you’ll need to talk to the Impatient Man. He’s found by the vendors in the city.

Next, talk to the Shopping Woman close by.

And talk to the Shopkeeper right by the Shopping Woman.

Continue ahead, deeper into the city and look for a Thirsty Man by some vending machines. Talk with him.

After you get to 83%, you’ll have to answer questions based on your investigation. Here are the answers:

  • Answer 1: Hermits
  • Answer 2: Stop redshift
  • Answer 3: Use a drug
  • Answer 4: liquid
  • Answer 5: thin man

You’ll now be tasked with looking into the Hermits. The last area you need to visit is outside. To get there, follow the path through the city, past a group of children, and head to the red waypoint. You’ll need to use IRIS to see the waypoint.

This will lead you to the rooftops with your destination below. Head there to find a group of enemies to beat up.

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