Astral Chain – How to Defeat Jena Anderson Boss

Jena Anderson Boss Guide

The toughest part about the Jena fight is that she’s so fast. By the time you reach her, she’s usually ready to run away to dish out some long range attacks. Because of that, you’ll really want to utilize your Legion to sandwich her between you.

The Beast Legion works well since it can stay on top of her with consistent attacks. Use its L move to send it flying towards her. It’s best to stay away from using Arrow in this fight since she’s so fast. By the time you line up a shot, she’s gone.

You should try not to stick too close to her because of her massive purple AoE attack. Stick to mid range attacks throughout this fight and be prepared to run when you see the ground light up purple. You can also try to tie her up with your chain. If you can pull it off, she’ll at least stay stunned for a moment.

After she goes down, you’ll have to chase her. Head to the garage to start the next segment. This is another on rails bike section, like the beginning of the game.

Shoot anything that gets in your way and dodge to avoid cars. Eventually, the homunculus will run alongside you, so be ready to do some serious shooting.

When it gets in front of you, keep shooting and attacking with your Legion. Dodge its blasts when you see the ground illuminate red. Don’t forget to use your Legion, too.

After the bike section, you’ll have another encounter with Jena, but this time, she looks a little different.

Jena Anderson Boss Fight

This is most definitely the most technical boss up until this point. She has the speed from her previous incarnation, but is way more aggressive and can fly. Because of that, you’ll need to be comfortable with long rage attacks to take her down.

Arrows work well here, but they’re risky. It’s best to stick to Legion attacks if you want to consistently deal damage. The Beast Legion does wonders against her, even if it doesn’t cause high damage.

Several of her attacks can hit you from afar, like her fireballs and the purple crystals she throws at you. Be ready to dodge when you see these. When she lands on the ground, you can go up and attack her with your sword, but beware, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed with her moveset. You might want to use the baton here since it’s fast.

The most successful thing you can do is hit her from behind when she’s on the ground. That will do massive damage, only it’s hard to pull off. Play it safe and cautiously and you’ll be able to beat her.

After you beat this version of her, yet another, even bigger version will appear. Jump across the platform to take out the regular sized enemies. Once they’re done for, keep platforming to the final section.

Once you get over to her, wait for her to slam her arm into the ground so you can attack it. She’ll do this a few times at first, so take that chance to deal some damage.

When she uses her fire or ice blasts on the platform, move out of the way. After a while, she’ll move way back and you’ll have to platform towards her again. You have to be quick when sending your Legion to the next platform, otherwise you’ll die.

When you catch up to her again, attack her arms like you have been and shoot her with Arrows if you get a chance. If you see her charge up a massive pink attack, shoot her in her chest with Arrows as quickly as you can to stop the blast from happening.

If you shoot her in the head with Arrows, you’ll do lots of damage, as well.

After she’s dead, you’ll be finished with File 9.

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