Astral Chain – How to Defeat Diomedes Boss

Diomedes Boss Guide

Diomedes looks way tougher than he actually is. For all his armor, he can be defeated in just a few moments. Since he’s so slow, you can easily track his movements and dodge effectively.

It’s best to attack him in between swings. In fact, he will sometimes stay still and let you pummel him, so take advantage of that if you see it.

Wrapping it up works well, too. Before you know it, you’ll be prompted to finish him off.

After they’re all defeated, pick up the items dropped and head up the ladder next to the flaming can.

After you climb up and cross the small section with a set of stairs, you’ll reach another ladder you can use to climb back down. This area will look familiar. It’s where you first met the Quiz Kids.

Follow the waypoint to meet up with Akira. You’ll encounter a few more chimeras on the way, but you can run past them.If you don’t want to fight.

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