Astral Chain – How to Defeat Enceladus Boss

Enceladus Boss Guide

You’ll need to use your Legion effectively to defeat Enceladus. The wrapping strategy doesn’t work as well here. The problem is that the boss doesn’t stay still much, so you’ll have to resort to other means.

The main tactic that works best here is the Chain Counter, which basically acts like a clothesline to stop the beast in its tracks.

To do so, wait for it to charge towards you and put yourself and your Legion on either side of it. If done correctly, the boss will run into the chain and be stopped.

You’ll send Enceladus flying and have an opportunity to get a few attacks, since it’ll be stunned temporarily. Make sure you have your Legion out when you attack to do extra damage.

The other move to look out for is the one in which Enceladus traps you in a Red Matter circle.

This one is a lot harder to deal with, but the trick is to quickly use your Legion to destroy the glowing orbs outside the Red Matter circle. There are two of them, one on each side, so be aware of that.

Enceladus doesn’t have many moves, but it hits hard, so make sure you use the Chain Counter to deal as much damage as possible. It will likely take you around 6 Chain Counters to take it out.

The other move you want to look out for is one where the boss flies up in the air and attacks from above. It will send beams at you from either side. What seemed to work was running straight at the boss, just under it to avoid the attacks.

This is definitely the most complex boss in the game up until this point, but if you use the Legion and take advantage of the boss when it’s down, you’ll understand how to defeat it.

After the heartfelt cutscene, you’ll have to follow your squad to move ahead.

Although this section seems confusing, your squad will keep you from getting lost. Follow them and remember to pick up Red Matter along the way.

Your goal is to find the civilians that have been taken, so keep following your squad to find them.

Don’t forget to pick up any healing items from boxes along the way, because you’ll probably need them for the final fight of this area.

Also make sure you don’t confuse the Red Matter cleanup with the piles of red matter on the ground. Look at the picture above for reference. These will cause damage to you so just be cautious.

You’ll eventually come to the civilians and a bigger battle arena. Spoilers: an intense fight awaits.

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