Astral Chain – How to Defeat Deimos Boss

Deimos Boss Guide

The Deimos Boss fight is one of the more complex ones thus far. It will start with a sequence in which you have to find it through the smoke first. There isn’t a waypoint to indicate where to go, but the path is fairly linear.

Make sure you wear your Arm to protect against fire. Head downstairs to find Deimos.

After you drop down, you’ll need to cross a gap.

Keep heading down to the lower platform, through the fire and you’ll come to the fight itself.

Ground Zero

Deimos is extremely deadly and does lots of damage, so be cautious. Study its movement patterns at first to get a sense of what to do.

The boss is fast and will fly away from you quickly while attacking you with fire, so you won’t be able to pummel it like you’ve done with other bosses.

You’ll notice that staying up close isn’t really a great option, as it will constantly deal out damage to you. That isn’t to say you should never attack it up close, but you’ll take lots of damage if you stay right next to it.

You need to be more deliberate with your attacks during this fight.

A good strategy to use is to attack it with the Arrow Legion when its flying around quickly. Not only does this make it easier for you to stay safe, but the Arrows do lots of damage.

If you hit it just right with the Arrow, you’ll stun it for a moment, which is a great time to run over for some melee attacks.

Of course, you can approach things using a more up close strategy, but it is more risky since Deimos is so aggressive. Many of the strategies used up until this point won’t work well since Deimos is so fast and in your face.

If you’re going with the Arrow strategy, remember to switch to your handgun to attack the boss from afar while your Legion recharges.

If you play it safe and use long range attacks, this fight can be a lot easier.

After you’ve defeated it, you’ll be transported back to the Astral Plane for yet another boss fight.

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