Astral Chain – How to Defeat Ker Boss

Ker Boss Guide

This mini boss is tricky because you can’t attack it unless you cut the chain between it and the chimera first.

Make sure you Slash it as pictured below.

After you sever the chain, you’ll have the chance to attack the enemies like normal.

Upon defeating the first set of enemies, another few will emerge. Take them out the same way. Make sure you look out for the “Finish Off” prompt to do just that.

After they’re all taken out, continue towards the waypoint.

Keep making your way across the platforms while being careful not to fall off the map.

You’ll approach an elevator with two pressure pads on the ground. Stand on one and send your Legion to the other one to initiate it.

Once you reach the top, you’ll need to destroy the glowing orb with your Legion to get the wall to come down. There will be many more of these ahead, so get comfortable with them.

Keep heading towards the objective and you’ll be prompted to look into an Unknown Signal. It will appear on the ground as a drone-like item.

The drone will send you looking for a few pieces to repair it.

Just across from the drone are a few platforms. Use your Legion to cross them to grab the first piece. Be cautious of the moving platforms. The first item is the Camera Cable.

Go back the way you came and now take the platform that’s moving up and down. It’s just next to the drone.

Take the platform up and grab the next item, the Titanium Gear.

Drop down to the drone and grab the piece right next to it, the Gyrosensor. This is the last piece you’ll need.

This will trigger a cutscene. Now the Drone will start flying around. Answer “Sure thing” to the Strange Drone and head back up a set of stairs. Look for another wall with a red orb for you to destroy.

Take out the orb and head into the next area. To proceed, you’ll need to lower the red wall in the back of this section. It’s the wall right next to the pressure plate on the ground.

To lower the wall, you’ll need to stand on top of the wall you just lowered. Use your Legion to attack the orb again and it will raise the wall.

Once it raises, turn around and cross the gap to the other orb. Attack it to lower the wall at the back of the room.

Jump down and use your Legion to raise the wall like an elevator.

Once at the top, you’ll get a short cinematic showing off a downed Isabella.

But that’s not all. You’ll also be introduced to a deadly creature known as Cerberus.

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