Astral Chain – How to Defeat Noah, Noah Core and Noah Prime (Final Boss)

Noah Boss Guide

The start of this fight will require some platforming and you need to be quick with your Legion to avoid death. As soon as you land on one platform, get ready to jump to the next one as quickly as you can.

After you get up to it, you’ll dive straight into the boss to fight it from the inside.

Noah Core Boss Guide

When you get there, you’ll need to attack the orb in the middle. Eventually, you’ll come across a few enemies to deal with. Take them out and continue to attack the orb. It will generate a large purple shield that can be destroyed with regular attacks.

You’ll want to look out for the ground to light up purple to avoid its attacks. Also, when it shoots lasers at you, use your Axe Legion to guard. In fact, dodging the attacks can be tough, so you might have an easier attack guarding everything with your Axe Legion.

The boss will shoot purple objects up from the ground that can be avoided, but guarding is easier. Keep attacking the center to take it out. Towards the end of the fight, you won’t be able to attack from up close so switch to a Legion that can dish out long range attacks. And when…

When you’re trapped in a force field, use your Legion to destroy the two orbs outside of it to escape. When you finally defeat it, you’ll be ready for the Noah Prime boss fight.

Noah Prime Boss Guide

This is arguably the hardest boss fight in the main story. It takes a while to take him down, he has a number of attacks that are hard to dodge, and your attacks don’t seem to hurt him as much as you’d expect.

When the fight starts, attack him with your baton and Legion. Make sure you try to stick behind him to avoid his attacks and deal more damage. The first section is made easier if you place Noah between you and your Legion. After enough damage, the next phase will begin.

From here, Noah will run away and you’ll need to chase after him. Watch out for the purple blasts he shoots at you. Run alongside them while making your way towards him.

Again, try to run up behind him. A good tactic is to attack him when you see the ground light up purple in front of him since he’s vulnerable during that attack.

If you see the ground light up purple all the way around him, get out of the way as quickly as you can. This is one of his more deadly moves and can easily catch you off guard if you’re aggressive and in his face.

If he duplicates himself and flies in the air, be prepared to dodge a barrage of attacks. It’s hard to tell which one is the real one, so don’t waste your time attacking until he lands back down. When his feet hit the ground, he’s very vulnerable so run up and get a few hits in.

Just be aware of the dozens of glowing orbs that he and his clones just shot at you. When his clones stand in a circle and shoot lasers at you, either dodge them or rotate with them to avoid getting hit. After the lasers stop is a great time to attack.

After you dish out some more damage, he will move to another location for the third phase. This will send you to a narrow space where Noah will stand at one end, shooting lasers at you. You can see him charge up the attack, so dodge out of the way a couple times.

When you get close, keep attacking from behind. Do this a few more times and he will initiate another phase.

He’ll kind of go berserk for this section and becomes increasingly harder to hit. He’ll fly up in the air and shoot long ranged blasts at you. Dodge them while running towards him.

Keep running towards him, but at an angle when he flies away. When you get to him, be aware of the giant purple orb he shoots at you. It has a wide area of effect. When you’ve successfully dodged that orb, wait for him to touch back down to get more hits in.

After you do this a few more times, you’ll be surrounded by walls and he’ll be even harder to hit. When you have him down to his last 20% of health or so, press both the sticks in to fuse with your Legion. From here, attack him as much as you can.

If you don’t manage to kill him while you’re fused, he should be close to death. Use your Legion for a few mid to long range attacks and he should go down. During this final section, staying close to the boss is a bad idea. You’ll definitely want to be more deliberate with your shots.

When you’ve defeated him, a final section will require you to run up to Akira to end it.

After this, you’ve officially rolled credits on Astral Chain! Congratulations.

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