Astral Chain – How to Visit Each Facility in HQ

Visit Each Facility in HQ

This next section will require you to visit all facilities in the building. The map isn’t great about marking each location, so let’s go through the ones you’ll need. Some can simply be found by warping to their location from the fast travel menu.

All five areas are listed below:


Locker Room

Break Room

Technical Crew Room


Legatus Terminal

Also on the main floor, in the large room behind glass.

Don’t forget to visit the Technical Crew Room across from the training area to upgrade your weapons. It’ll be marked by a blue case marker and when you arrive, the Down and Nerdy case will initiate.

You’ll need to talk to Ted to get your hands on a Material Code. Once you buy one, head over to Tabitha to upgrade your baton and your Legatus.

Take a picture of Lappy with your new camera, too.

Once you discover all five, you’ll get a call from Marie.

Warp to the garage to move on. From here, a cutscene will play. Say hi to the kitties.

After this, head to the roof to meet Akira. When you’re ready, you’ll be able to head out into the field. Make sure you’ve got everything you need like upgrades and healing items.

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