Astral Chain – File 3: Twin Team-Up Walkthrough

Twin Team-Up

When you reach Akira, you’ll need to fight off two more chimeras. With the help of your sibling, this section can be overcome with little trouble. Wrap up your enemies to stun them like you’ve been doing.

After they’ve been defeated, a cutscene will begin and you’ll be tasked with entering a gate yet again. This time to rescue Akira.

Enter the gate once more and look for your sibling. Luckily, a waypoint will lead you to Akira.

On the way there, you’ll encounter another glowing orb. Destroy it to get past the wall ahead.

The next area will have three orbs that must quickly be attacked in order to get by. One is in the back left of this area in an alcove, the other is in the back right, next to the platform you need to lower, and the final one is on the right by where you came in.

All of them need to be blue at the same time for the platform to lower.

After you initiate the platform a couple more chimeras will spawn. Take them out.

Continue along the path and you’ll come to a wall that must be slashed vertically to get by.

The next area will have another chimera to defeat as well as a series of orbs that must be destroyed at the same time using your slashing technique.

Go down the ramp ahead and get into position to take out the orbs. Remember, they must be slashed at the same time.

Get in position and wait for them to line up before slashing.

Once you do so, the platform on your right will lower. Ride it to the top to continue.

You’ll reach another pressure plate puzzle. Use it to generate a set of platforms to cross the gap. Keep following the waypoint up to the next set of orbs.

This time you’ll have three to take out, but the strategy will be the same as the last.

This will allow you to reach the next platform. Continue following the path towards the waypoint.

When you get to the next area, a short scene will begin, introducing the final boss of this level.

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