Astral Chain – File 4: The Haunted Dumpster Walkthrough

The Haunted Dumpster

After you talk with her, she will send you on a quest to investigate a potentially haunted dumpster. Go see what’s up.

The dumpster’s location will be marked by a red waypoint and it’s located just behind the Skeptical Woman and to the left. Pull up your map with the – button if you get lost.

You’ll find it in an alley with Red Matter around it.

When you arrive, you’ll need to analyze the area to figure out what’s going on. Enter the gate to proceed.

You’ll be transported back to the other dimension and a fight will immediately ensue.

These enemies are a troublesome because they guard their fronts with a shield. Try wrapping them up to defeat them easier.

Remember, you can sandwich them between you and your Legion, too.

There will be a couple waves, but just use the same strategy as above: wrap them up and attack from behind.

After they’re all taken out, you’ll be transported back to the city.

Exit the alleyway and turn right. Continue on this street and you’ll pass a subway and eventually come to a path you can take on your right. You’ll see trees in the middle of this path.

It will lead you back to the mall area to investigate more. You’ll want to make your way back to the big green circle.

The next person you need to talk to is on the walkway after you go up the steps pictured above. It’s an Eyewitness next to a robotic arm.

You’ll find her in the large green circle. Just look for the walkway with the robotic arm.

Now head back to another walkway on this floor, just past the area with the fan you tied up. You need to find the Easily Scared Woman. She’s sitting on a bench.

She’s across from a blue marker on the map. You can find her just outside the area with the Psychic.

Now, go to the blue marker on the map, just across from the Easily Scared Woman to find the Easily Lost Man.

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