Astral Chain – File 2: Gate Crashers Walkthrough

Gate Crashers

The first section of the fight will feature smaller enemies you’ve encountered before. About 30 seconds into the battle, another cutscene will commence.

After the cutscene, you’ll have to capture your Legion, so you’ll only be able to use your baton and handgun for a short while.

Attack with your baton and make sure to keep an eye on your health. You should have enough healing items during this section. Press A to Bind the Legion after enough damage is dealt.

After you’ve recaptured your Legion, you’ll gain access to the Sword Legion.

After that, multiple Legions will engage in attacking you. At first only one will appear, but others will join in, as they alternate and deal out damage.

The wrapping technique works well if you can pull it off. The Legions move very quickly and it can be tough to actually execute the move.

Although there are multiple Legions to fight, the fact that they attack one at a time makes things simpler.

Look out for the over head attack from the Legions. Keep wrapping them up when you can to get some extra hits in and charge up your Legion when you need to.

Another great strategy to combine with the wrapping technique is to put the enemy in between yourself and the Legion. This way, you can deal damage from either side.

The key is to use your Legion to your advantage here. Use the Chain Counter move if the enemy runs at you and wrap them up when you can.

After you’ve dealt enough damage, the ring you’re in will disappear and it will seem like you have to fight all the Legions at once. This part foreshadows the types of Legions you will get to use later on in the game.

After a few seconds with the Legions, another cutscene will play.

Next is a platforming section that requires you to send your Legion off to pull you in. Hold LZ to send the Legion to the platform and use ZR to jump to the platform.

It can get tricky with all the chaos going on around you. One thing that helps is to use the marker under the Legion to make sure it’s in the right spot.

After a handful of platforms, you’ll be ready to enjoy the final cinematic of the level.

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