Astral Chain – File 3: Maison Forest Search Walkthrough

Maison Forest Search

When you arrive, you’ll have to do a lot of investigating and it’s easy to get lost. Let’s go through it step by step.

Your objective is to question the locals within the green circle on the map.

Here are the ones you need to question or interact with:

Street Merchant

Make sure you chat with the merchant.

Observant Boy

Just after the Street Merchant.

Arm Mechanic

He’ll also give you a blue case to do. Accept it and use your Legion to cut the line. This will give you access to the ladder.

Quiz Kids

Climb the ladder mentioned above and interact with the group of kids. They’ll give you a puzzle to solve. You have to figure out who’s lying and who’s telling the truth. The answer is the fourth kid.

Chatty Woman and Concerned Woman

Talk with both of them to unlock more clues.

Art Aficionado

He will give you a blue case that involves catching a graffiti artist. The artist he sends you after can be found behind the Quiz Kids, next to a dumpster.

Here’s where the graffiti artist is located.

He’ll run away and you’ll need to wrap your Legion’s chain around him.

Records Officer

You’ll be given another blue case that tasks you with grabbing a drone from above. Use your Legion to grab it. From there, you’ll initiate the rest of the case, in which you must investigate.

Use IRIS mode to check the drone and see what happened. Make sure you investigate both orange drones to get your investigation percentage up.

Lovestruck Man and Secretive Woman

Eavesdrop on them like you did in the last level. This will reveal more information. They can be found upstairs by going up a ladder.

After you’ve reached 100% investigation, you’ll have to answer a few of Akira’s questions.

  • Answer 1: Red Ghost
  • Answer 2: No Legs
  • Answer 3: Hole in its Chest
  • Answer 4: Red Door
  • Answer 5: Blast Hole

After that, head to the waypoint to investigate the scene.

You’ll need to climb up the ladder next to where you eavesdropped to reach the scene.

Once there, interact with all of the points. You’ll discover more about the chimera here and you’ll be prompted to follow another trail like in file 2.

Head right through the corridor.

Keep following the trail and you’ll enter a building with vending machines.

Just after that, head outside. There will be some people there and a Listless Man sitting at the edge of a platform.

Use your slash to cut through the fence next to the Listless Man. Remember, press L and then line up the slash with the left stick. Attack with ZR.

Continue down the path and you’ll reach a platforming section. Use your Legion to cross the gaps. After you get to Akira, send your Legion ahead to advance.

This will open a gate that will send you to the other side. Let’s go.

After you arrive, a waypoint will point to your objective: Rescue Isabella. Head towards the objective, making sure to pick up Red Matter along the way.

Use your Legion to attack the toxic foes ahead.

After another small platforming section and down some stairs, you’ll reach the next area that contains an enemy.

The game will inform you about Sync Attacks, which can be used to deal extra damage. Press ZL during a combo when your Legatus flashes to execute it effectively.

Chimera Takedown

This enemy is similar to ones you’ve faced before. Lay waste using your chain attacks or the new Sync Attack you’ve just learned. When in doubt, wrap the chimera up with your chain.

After you defeat the first one, another one will come in.

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