Astral Chain – File 2: Crisis on Grand Avenue Walkthrough

Crisis on Grand Avenue

When you arrive to the city, you’ll be introduced to your first case. Here, you’ll be looking for clues to find out if a chimera is really here in the city. A collapsed bridge on the street might point to the presence of a chimera, but it’s best to be sure.

To get past this section, you’ll have to use IRIS to find clues. These are shown by the glowing orange items in the area. You’ll also notice a percentage counter in the top that tracks your progress.

If you approach a glowing orange item, you’ll have the option to check it out with the A button.

Make sure you investigate the large puddle on the ground over by the bridge.

Max will explain how the material on the ground is referred to as “Red Matter,” which will play a larger role as a game mechanic.

Your Legion can clean up the Red Matter, so use LZ to bring it out. You can use the right stick to move the Legion to collect all the Red Matter.

It’s revealed that the puddle is actually a giant hand print. That’s not terrifying or anything.

Make sure you go around this area and interact with everything you can while using IRIS. Look out for the boxes that contain healing items and an Energy Spike.

The only other point of interest that’s required to advance is the group of cops with a glowing ring at their feet.

What you need to do is use your Legion to eavesdrop on their conversation. Since only you and your squad can see the Legion, regular folk won’t notice.

Stand back and use LZ to bring out the Legion and move it over to the ring to get some secret info.

Max will ask you a series of questions.

He first asks about the chimera’s physical characteristics. Select “giant hands” to proceed. For the second question, he asks about why you think the chimera came to the city.

Select “dragged through the gate” to move on.

Out of the Gate

Next up, Max will instruct you to follow the chimera’s trail. Whip out your Legion next to the hand print to get a sense of where to go. The trail leads to an underground parking garage.

Follow the path down into the garage and to the left, collecting as much Red Matter as you can find.

The path will lead you back out of the garage and outside.

Head to the spot pictured below to advance. Make sure you keep your Legion out to keep track of the trail.

Hopefully you’re ready for a fight, because this will be a tough one.

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